Writing Assessor


Writing Assessor is a brand-new tool created for the assessment of children’s written work using statements from the new primary National Curriculum.

Similar to Ros Wilson or Big Writing, Writing Assessor allows you to mark children’s work against criteria – in this case the new National Curriculum broken up into statements. Through assessing children’s writing ability against these easy-to-understand criteria, teachers will be able to identify next steps, and leaders will be able to measure progress and attainment.

Introductory Half Price Offer

Writing assessor is available for half-price for a limited time only.

Weighting and Mastery Levels

imageWriting Assessor has the option of using ‘weighting’, as your school may feel that not all statements are equal. Each statement has been assigned a default value by a panel of experienced literacy consultants (you can easily change these) so some criteria are worth more than others when a final mark or ‘band’ is reached. You can also customise ‘limiting judgements’ where a pupil may not exceed a certain grade until these ‘urgent’ targets are met.

Writing Assessor can provide a percentage score and can also give a Year band or grade (e.g. Y3-Emerging, Y3-Developing, Y3-Secure) so you can demonstrate whole-school progress and attainment easily.

Your teachers can either use a tick-system where either a statement is met or isn’t, or you can use a grade system of 1 – 4, where 4 is equivalent to Mastery level. Writing Assessor will use these different grades when calculating final scores or bands.


Writing Assessor is available as a digital download, comes with easy-to-understand instructions and can be downloaded the same day as ordering. The license is a whole school license and cannot be shared with other schools. Federations must purchase one license for each school.